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Weekly Training Rundown May 7-13

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Summer's nearly upon us -- college graduations are coming up, the heat is starting to really take, and pretty soon we'll be able to wear white again after Memmy Day. How was your training this week, you guys?

Mayo: 18 miles again this week. Once again my early-morning brain hasn't wanted to get running and I shorted myself one run this week.

  • Tuesday: 5 miles (9:08 pace). Humid morning, legs felt decent.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles (8:26). Mornings like Wednesday are absolutely delightful. Beautiful, beautiful morning.
  • Saturday: 4 miles (8:17). Really nice morning, sunny out and breezy. Nice little Saturday.
  • Sunday: 6 miles (9:23). Got caught at an intersection for five minutes (thanks, horse cops!) so my overall pace was slow. Felt strong, ran my last mile in 7:15. Nice overcast breezy evening.

Next week: 6/3/4/5/8. Starting to transition into big-boy mileage in prepping for JFK. Nothing major, but this is the start of my real training. Kind of excited.

kleph: i got sidetracked by a work trip to panama and random craziness. i put in regular miles the past few weeks but didn't get back on my real schedule till the last seven days.

  • Monday: 4 miles, 8:54 pace. yeesh. will i ever get back in shape?
  • Wednesday: 6 miles, 9:13 pace. finally a decent distance but oh the heat beat me into the pavement.
  • Friday: 6 miles, 11:16 pace. first time back on the South Mountain loop. total slog that beat me into the ground. still, the saguaros in bloom was nice.
  • Sunday: 4 miles, 8:02 pace. tempo run at mid morning. temperatures are getting hotter in the valley. gotta get ready.
photo from the trail run...