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Weekly Training Rundown May 14-20

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I got a bit sunburnt while out running this weekend. That pretty much means summer is here now, I think. Miles after the jump!

Mayo: Been stuck at 18 miles/week for a while now. Late night Friday meant to Saturday run. Need to stop being lazy.

  • Tuesday: 6 miles (8:25 pace). Humid morning, felt decent. Good recovery run, regardless of the weather.
  • Thursday: 4 miles (8:25 pace). Early morning, felt good. Took Wednesday off due to a case of the lazies, got a good run in Thursday morning to clear my head before a presentation at work. That's a thing I like to do to clear my head, run.
  • Sunday: 8 miles (9:14 pace). Went for a run with Ryan out along the C&O Towpath. Saw a frog (and a CEO). Set out from Lock 7 and headed in towards the city.


Next week: 4/3/5/4/10. Will be making these five runs happen this week. Like for real tho.

Hudson: 2500-yards swimming, 45-miles biking, 11.4 miles running

  • Monday: Got busy and the pool closed before I could get in a swim so I went for a 3.4-mile run at night instead (8:24 pace).
  • Tuesday: 17-mile bike ride, 56:32. A post-work ride around Hains Point.
  • Wednesday: 2500-yard swim. Longest swim I've done all year.
  • Friday: Was going to swim, but then a bourbon tasting happened at work. Whoops.
  • Saturday: 28-mile bike ride, 1:53. WEnt out riding around through the bike trails of Virginia for a bit.
  • Sunday: 8 miles with Denny (see above). My longest run since the half-marathon in March.