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My 'Must-Run' Race Bucket List

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Maybe I'll get a blue bucket to run with
Maybe I'll get a blue bucket to run with

Everybody has a race list of sorts. You know, the ones that sound awesome and you feel like you'd be missing out by not running them. I mentioned this morning that the Bay To Breakers is on my must-run list. Given a little more thought, here's a not-totally-complete list of races that I really want to run before I'm six feet under.

Most races listed here are races that I just want to experience. If I want a fast, flat race I can always run a marathon in Ohio or on the Outer Banks.

Bucket List Runs Completed:

  • New York City (2009)
  • National Marathon (2011)

Still On the List:

What races do you guys hope to run (or have you already crossed off your list)?