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The Warmup Lap | 5.24.12 - Eddie Izzard Calls Off 27 Marathons In 27 Days

Some interesting stuff for y'all today.

Eddie Izzard abandons challenge of running 27 marathons in 27 days due to 'medical complications' - The Daily Record
EDDIE IZZARD has had to abandon his gruelling challenge to run a marathon each day for 27 days in South Africa due to "medical complications".

The Absurdity of What We Do - Stride Nation
To nearly all of my friends--most of which are reasonable members of society--I sound legitimately batshit crazy. And really, I probably am; a lot of what we do [as runners] is ridiculous.

Phys Ed: Are Marathons Bad for the Heart? -
The death from heart attack of the ultramarathoner Micah True has raised awareness about the safety of marathon racing and training.

Boston Marathon grants 2,160 deferments from heat - Yahoo! Sports
Boston Marathon officials have granted 2,160 deferments into the 2013 race to runners who opted to sit out this year because of the heat. About 2,200 runners were on the original list, but 45 were identified in photographs as running the race after all. ZING!

Water In A Bag: The Future Of Aid Stations? - Stride Nation
It's called 82Go (eight ounces of water, to go), and it almost makes too much sense. It helps prevent spillage, can be frozen and uses 'less plastic than the average bottle cap' so it's even environmentally friendly.