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Weekly Training Rundown May 21-27

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Holiday travel always is disruptive to training -- my weekend trip to Ohio was no exception -- but as always, training must go on. How'd you all manage?

Mayo: 21 miles. Finally bumped up from 18, but travel and the Ohio heat resulted in one missed run. Still a good week, legs felt strong throughout.

  • Tuesday: 4 miles (8:24 pace). Early-morning summer humidity seems to be becoming the norm already. That's a shame.
  • Wedesday: 3 miles (8:23 pace). Nice sunny morning, weather wasn't too bad.
  • Thursday: 5 miles (8:15 pace). Went out to the Lincoln Monument and saw the sun beams diffuse through the early-morning haze. That didn't totally make up for the fact that it was super humid, but it helped.
  • Saturday: 8.5 miles (9:46 pace). Ran in Ohio with my uncle. Had to stop a few times to lessen his leg tightness, but felt good overall and had a great time running with family that I see far too rarely.
Next week: 5/3/4/8/4. The goal is to make 5-day training weeks permanent from now until November.