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The Warmup Lap | 5.31.12 - Ultras Seem Daunting

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

Ultra Training: Unexpected Intimidation and Comfort - Stride Nation
Most of these hurdles are more mentally daunting than anything else. It doesn't help that I've been outright lousy at getting all of my miles in as of late. On the plus side, I've been feeling really good the past few weeks. Beyond feeling good while running, I've been feeling that sense of comfort and enthusiasm starting to creep back in as my training increases.

Ultra-marathon is mind-numbing battle to finish what you started |
At the halfway point of my race this past Sunday, it hit me — the "unrelenting hills" Erik Boucher, co-race director of the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival, told me about were finally taking their toll.

Yes, a Marathon Really is 26.2 Miles - Farmington, CT Patch
Why would anyone want to run that far?