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The Warmup Lap | 5.4.12 - Lance Armstrong Heads To St. Croix

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It's another busy race weekend (though, I guess from now until like, December, that's probably going to be the case) and most attention will likely be directed toward St. Croix. Why? Because that's where Lance Armstrong is, racing in the Ironman 70.3 on Sunday.


There's visual proof of Armstrong training! That's him on "The Beast," a 25-percent grade climb on the bike course in St. Croix.

Good luck with alllll of that!

Onto the links!

St. Croix Ironman 70.3 Preview

The "Beauty & The Beast," as it was dubbed in 1988, is arguably one of - if not the - toughest 70.3 courses in the world.

Elsewhere, some 25,000 runners will flood the streets of Pittsburgh ...

Preview: Marathon festivities will take over city on Sunday | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

This weekend will bring the biggest marathon the city has ever seen, with 25,000 expected to brave either the well-sponsored Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon and the UPMC Health Plan Pittsburgh Half Marathon ...

"My Most Memorable Mile" Essay Contest : News : Bring Back the Mile

Pretty cool contest here: In 359 words or less, tell the story of your most memorable mile and explain why. Winner gets a Bring Back The Mile 4 VIP membership package.

For Real McGruff-Style Safety Tips | So It Goes

Some safety tips to keep in mind while running, from sports blogging and running enthusiast Jelisa Castrodale.

Samson completes 52.4-mile run down coast | News

Missed this last week, but David Samson, the Marlins president, ran 52.4 miles (equivalent of back-to-back marathons) Friday to honor the workers who built Marlins Park, and raised $550,000 for 10 charities in the process.