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The Warmup Lap | 5.7.12 - Vitamin Supplements Are Probably Silly and Old Runner Swag

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Three Reasons to Reconsider Vitamin Pills | Globe and Mail

Psychologists at National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan have performed a series of fascinating studies on the "licensing effect," showing how we inadvertently change our behaviour – for the worse – after doing something we believe is good for us, like taking a vitamin pill.

Hutchison also follows up with a little more info at Sweat Science about the editorial process at Globe & Mail and also with a bit more about the studies (the one quoted above is psychological, not medical). For a while, I took Omega-3 and multivitamin pills. I haven't in a while, mostly out of sheer negligence. I'd been considering taking the pills again as I start my training back up full-swing. It's quite possible that supplements are a bit more useful for athletes, as we tend to be a bit more cognizant of what goes into our bodies and the amount of caloric output that we're achieving. That said, I'll likely leave them on the shelf for a while.

Thorvilson Blisters 50 Miles | ultraRUNNING online

Leah Thorvilson ran the fourth-fastest 50 mile race by a woman yesterday in 6:00. Which is to say, at ludicrous speed.

Oldest marathon runner announced retirement | BBC News

This is a few weeks old, but a 101-year old London resident ran what he claims would be his final marathon this spring. He showed up to his first training at the age of 89 wearing a three-piece suit and trainers. Old men are so awesome. (via @dieworkwear)

The Ultimate NPR Workout Mix | NPR

NPR's had an ongoing Workout Mix series going on this year (including an interview with the head of the IRS). They're continually updating this 'Workout Mix' list. It's a big list (like, silly big) but actually not all that bad.

Weekend Race Roundup!

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