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Micah True Autopsy Reveals Ultramarathon Runner Died From Heart Disease

Micha True, perhaps better known as Caballo Blanco ("White Horse") from Born To Run fame, died from heart disease, an autopsy has discovered. True, 58, went for a run in late March and never returned. The body of the ultramarathon runner was found in the New Mexico wilderness after a four-day search.

The autopsy found "cardiomyopathy and that there was some enlargement of his heart, which can cause an irregular heartbeat during exertion," reported the AP late Tuesday night.

While medical examiners couldn't point to the cause of the heart disease, they said True's left ventricle, which pumps oxygenated blood to the rest of the body, had become thick and was dilated.

True was a legend in the running community, gaining fame as a key figure in the Chris McDougall book, Born To Run, for living with the Tarahumara and founding the 50-mile Copper Canyon race.

In April, the Caballo Blanco Foundation was established to continue the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.