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Weekly Training Rundown June 4-10

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The ups and downs that come with summer running hit me really hard this week. It's been two years since I really have run in the summer heat, and I'm not acclimated at all to it. But enough about me -- how was your training last week?

Mayo: 19.5 miles. Had a fantastic start to the week, with relatively easy-going early morning runs. My pacing seems to be picking up a bit, with 8 minute pace being the comfortable pace that I fall into during the week. Then I got a little sleep-greedy on Saturday, didn't get out until noon, and got demolished by the sun.

  • Tuesday: 5 miles (8:01 pace). Overcast and 50 degrees. Strong last mile (7:23).
  • Thursday: 3 miles (7:40 pace). Good progressive pacing here, another nice morning.
  • Friday: 4 miles (8:11 pace). Really, really sunny.
  • Saturday: 7.5 miles (10:13 pace). Knew pretty quickly that this was going to be a struggle, and was it ever. Walked every mile after about 3.5, had no shade in 85 degree heat. No breeze. Took my Metro pass with me as a precaution and I'm glad that I did. Ended up cutting the run short and taking the Metro home. Miserable.
  • Sunday: Didn't happen. Euro2k12/hangover/bocce playing = no running. :(