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The Warmup Lap | 6.13.12 - The ElliptiGO Is 'Somewhat Ridiculous'

Welp, here's a thing that is very weird looking!

"You know it looks somewhat ridiculous?" Somewhat!

It's called the ElliptiGO, and it's basically an outdoor elliptical machine. Which ... actually, that's a pretty good idea. Spending time on the elliptical, while sometimes a necessity because of injury, can be painfully boring, so having the option of taking it outside in the summer would be nice. But on the other hand ... I mean, just look at it! Did you watch the video??? Now I want to try it.

Do Spring Marathons Have a Future?

As an increased number of marathons get canceled and runners suffer through brutal conditions, this offers an interesting look at spring marathons, and what their place is going forward. How can race organizers respond as temperatures continue to climb?

Down the Backstretch: Goucher, Abdirahman Lead USA Half Fields

Hometown darling Kara Goucher and three-time Olympian Abdi Abdirahman headline the startlists for Saturday's USA Half Marathon Championships to be held in conjunction with the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth.

The fourth and final video installment of Mirinda Carfrae's "My After" training series. It actually makes the life of a pro triathlete look ... relaxing.