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Weekly Training Rundown June 11-17

Looks like the heat's coming this week. How'd you manage last week?

Mayo: 29 miles. Leg is holding up to mileage, weather was great, and I managed nearly 30 miles without much resistance. Baby steps.

  • Tuesday: 5 miles (8:27 pace). Got caught in a bit of rain at the end of the run, which was a nice break from the humidity. Good hard pace on the final mile (6:57).
  • Wednesday: 4 miles (8:19 pace). No iPod for this one. Good easy run.
  • Friday: 6 miles (8:25 pace).
  • Saturday: 10 miles (9:22 pace). Stopped to walk twice, once up the hill at Connecticut Avenue. Good weather, caught a good stride after about 6 miles.
  • Sunday: 4 miles (8:26 pace). Got caught at a couple of lights, legs recovered well from the previous day's 10. Absolutely perfect breezy night.
Next week: 6/5/6/12/5. Things start to 'get real'.

Cory: Only ran about 16 miles, but I am kicking it up to at least 20 this week in preparation for my 10k in Queens on July 1. Like Denny said, it's time to get real.