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The Warmup Lap | 6.21.12 - Barefoot Running & 50 States Of Marathons

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Hell yeah, it feels good to finish. (Photo by Simon Watts/Getty Images)
Hell yeah, it feels good to finish. (Photo by Simon Watts/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Happy Thursday! It's going to be a cool 99 degrees in Washington, D.C. today. I went running last night when it was around 95, and it wasn't THAT bad - I do have a lot of experience running in Arizona summers, but it's always a bit jarring to run in high heat.

What are you doing to keep cool? Tell us in the comments.

Maybe you shouldn't rush into barefoot running | The Seattle Times
In a trend inspired by a popular research article and a best-selling book, many runners are choosing to run without shoes or in near-barefoot shoes under the belief that traditional shoes might lead to more injuries than barefoot styles. Unfortunately, many are making the switch based more on the fad's popularity than on solid science. In fact, no scientific studies show that traditional running shoes directly cause injury or that barefoot running reduces injuries.

Linton man set to log a marathon run in each of the 50 states (06/20/12)
Some say you are as old as you feel, and in the case of a 56-year-old Linton man, that is just the case. After competing in Alaska this weekend Kip Hoffer will have run a marathon in every state, as well as Washington D.C.

On the Run: Lake Placid race took on personal meaning | The Poughkeepsie Journal |
Like all the others who completed the rugged Lake Placid Half Marathon on June 10, John Kissam of Lagrangeville was grateful to scale the final hill into the historic village and make it to the finish line.

Running notebook: Want to run the marathon? Try raising money for charity - Houston Chronicle
Time to stop procrastinating: Lottery registration for the Jan. 13 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon ends at 11:59 Thursday night. Acceptance notices will be sent Friday through Monday.

Marathon pioneer Kathrine Switzer looks back on Title IX - CBS News
Kathrine Switzer looks back on a career of five decades and how one brave run at the 1967 Boston marathon helped pave the way for equality in sports