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Weekly Training Rundown May 28-June 3

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The National Mall is getting crowded now that schools are getting done. WHAT UP SUMMER.


(via tumblr, obviously)

Mayo: 24 miles. Managed to run my five scheduled runs for the first time in a while. Some stunning weather this weekend made for relatively easy going, though Saturday's heat was a bit much. Pacing has been good considering the increase in mileage.

  • Tuesday: 5 miles (8:50 pace). It's hard to get up and go after traveling, but I managed to get out. Legs felt fine, overall energy level was quite low, though.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles (8:20 pace). Guessing on the pace. Felt good, pushed at the end.
  • Friday: 4 miles (8:23 pace). Really nice morning run. Nagging calf was nagging on this one.
  • Saturday: 8 miles (8:43 pace). The nice thing about breezy, sunny afternoons is that they're breezy and sunny. The bad thing is the breeze goes away when you run away from it, leaving you with a sunny run with no shade.
  • Sunday: 4 miles (8:32 pace). Legs felt fresh a day after running 8. Managed to wait out my hangover and get a good evening run in. Absolutely beautiful weather, which was nice.

Next week: 5/3/5/10/4.