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The Warmup Lap | 6.4.12 - Lance Armstrong Wins in Honolulu

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Lance Armstrong wins again |

Lance held on in the run to win his second consecutive 70.3 event this weekend in Honolulu. His win comes off his previous win in Florida, third place finish in St. Croix, seventh place in Texas, and second place in Panama. Armstrong seems to be getting far stronger in his runs and overall strategy as the season has progressed.

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow | Interactive Feature -

Check out number 3: Compression shorts that keep track of muscle activity.

A Finnish company, Myontec, recently began marketing underwear embedded with electromyographic sensors that tell you how hard you’re working your quadriceps, hamstring and gluteus muscles.

Booty shorts that tell you to go get your booty in gear. The future!

Nightime Eating: Same Calories, Extra Weight Gain? | Sweat Science

A look at mice, eating patterns, and weight gain. Interesting stuff, suggesting that night-time eating in people may result in higher body weight.

[M]ice who spread their eating throughout the day and night end up with weakened circadian rhythms, and they end up fatter -- even though they've consumed the same number of calories as their daytime-fasting peers.

Saucony Virrata Preview | Runblogger

Very intriguing new shoe coming from Saucony.


Lastly: some pretty impressive results coming from The North Face Endurance Challenge in DC this weekend. The 50k was won by a runner moving at 9:04 average pace. The 50-miler? Oh, just won by a guy running 8:09 average pace over the course of 50 miles. I'm sure Ryan will have some more about this race (spoiler alert: he ran a leg in the marathon relay), but those are some fast times in near-ideal conditions.