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The Warmup Lap | 6.5.12 - Pre Classic Results and Looking at Trail Runners' Career Paths

2012 Results | Prefontaine Classic

Sorry for missing this link yesterday, everyone. The Pre Classic is a great, great meet and there were some upcoming Olympic performers in the field, including Wallace Spearmon, Galen Rupp, Nick Symmonds, Lashawn Merritt, and Jeremy Wariner, Allyson Felix and Sanya Richards-Ross. Pretty cool meet, altogether.

Days left until the next Olympic Games

Speaking of the Games, this is a very useful website.

A League of Their Own – Part 1: Who Rules the Trails? | irunfar

How is it that trail running’s professional ranks can be so dominated by athletes without elite running backgrounds?

This looks to be the start of a really cool series over at irunfar.

In-Depth Review of the Quad Lock iPhone Bike Mount Case | DCRainmaker

I’ve often said in the past that the mount system used on the Garmin Edge cycling computers is strong/secure enough that if I got hit by a bus, the unit would likely still be there attached to my mangled bike handlebars.

In the case of the Quad Lock, I think it’s much the same, if not even stronger. In short, there’s no way in heck the case itself is separating from the mount. Once it’s locked, it’s locked.

In-depth doesn't even cover it; this is an incredibly detailed (typical of Rainmaker) and useful post (also typical). I've long been hesitant to take my phone with me when out running for a few reasons: the sheer expense of the phone (what if I drop it) and its overall size (too heavy). While I can see the usefulness for bike riding, the exposure of the phone to the elements in this case is cause for concern.

Exercise: Is It Bad for Some? | Peak Performance

Amby Burfoot takes a look at recent reports about running and increased health risks, including adverse responses to exercise, increased troponin levels, and something called hazard ratios.

Second Thoughts on "Too Much Running" | Sweat Science

Alex (per usual) does a great job deconvoluting the data brought forward in Burfoot's article. In this case the data shows a negative trend in 'hazard ratio' with a certain level of increased weekly mileage. There are important factors inherent to the testing that Alex points out which weren't clear to me upon first reading.