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The Warmup Lap | 6.8.12 - Usain Bolt, Still very Fast

Let's all watch Usain Bolt run very fast!

Bolt narrowly edged countryman Asafa Powell in the 100-meter sprint Thursday night at the Diamond League meet in Oslo, Norway, winning in a time of 9.79 seconds. Powell finished second, in 9.85.

Not his best effort by any means, but still, a win is a win (and likely a preview of what to expect in London in August).

Food Science From Runner's World

Eat blueberries for long runs, drink beer to prevent colds and chocolate milk helps you LOSE body fat. Just some pretty great health tips from Runner's World.

HydroWorx Underwater Marathon

A regular marathon too boring for you? Try the HydroWorx Underwater Marathon. Yep, it's a marathon run on submerged treadmills. Best part: it's apparently at the Troegs Brewery.

What, an underwater marathon is STILL too boring for you? OK, fine. How about a mile run ... run backwards?