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The Warmup Lap | 07.10.12 - Running With The Bulls

4 hurt, but none gored, in fast, clean sprint at day 4 of the running of the bulls in Spain | The Washington Post

The six fighting bulls weighing as much 620 kilos (1,360 lbs) stayed together in a pack for much of the dash, which was good because an isolated bull is more likely to get disoriented and charge at people. They run with steer that are supposed to keep the bulls in a tight pack.

Rule changes coming to Alaska's Mount Marathon |

With one runner missing and another suffering potential brain injury after this year's Mount Marathon footrace, rule changes are in store for the famously treacherous contest.

Are you a Princess or a Tinker Bell? -

With registration now open and filling fast for the [Disneyland] Tinker Bell and registration for the [Disneyworld] Princess just opened yesterday for these two 2013 events, I thought it might be fun to compare the two runDisney half marathons created specifically for women in a number of different areas.

Run Clinic: Slow Run vs Power Walk – the winner is… | Body and Sole

If you can jog, there is no doubt that it is the superior way to use your legs. It is better for your heart, for the number of calories you burn, for muscle tone in your legs and bum, for building fitness and for getting drunk on endorphins.

Sitting too much may shorten lifespan |

Sitting too much is a serious health threat, a new study suggests. But keeping "down time" to less than three hours a day might make us live an extra two years.