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Weekly Training Rundown July 9-15

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Mayo: of 32 planned miles. Traveled down to Durham, NC for the weekend and didn't get as much running in as I'd hoped.

  • Tuesday: 5 miles (8:36 pace). Started running with a co-worker, though about an hour earlier than I'm used to getting out. Felt pretty good given last week's mileage.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles (8:27). Started with a co-worker, looped back home. Felt pretty good until about 2.25 miles in -- then I had a horrible side-cramp. I also could tell that two earlier-than-usual mornings were catching up with me later in the day.
  • Friday: 4 miles (9:27). Legs were dead, so I cut it a mile short.
  • Saturday: 10 miles (9:55). Planned 14 but went out knowing that the heat and humidity in Durham was going to be difficult. Ran the American Tobacco Trail, which is quite nice -- shaded, well-populated, and pretty flat. Managed to get my pace under 10 minutes per mile, which I'm happy with.
  • Sunday: No run due to horribly painful calf cramping in the morning (hello, dehydration) and a longer-than-planned drive up 95.

Next week: 7/5/7/16/5.