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The Warmup Lap | 7.16.12 - Hardrock, Badwater, and Big Sur Regos

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The Hardrock 100 was this past weekend, and the results are in: 98 finishers, the third- and fourth-fastest times in HRH history, and wins for Hal Koerner (24:50) and Darcy Africa (29:09).

Also in exciting ultrarunning news is Badwater, which is 1) insane and 2) starting today. To follow along with the race, follow AdventureCORPS on Twitter, the Web, and Instagram.

Lastly, in racing news: registration for the 2013 Big Sur International Marathon opened up yesterday and was over 70% filled after ten hours. If you want to run the California coast with me and a few thousand others, you'd better sign up soon.

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