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Weekly Training Rundown June 25 - July 1

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There was a big storm this weekend (derecho!!) that came through through most of the northeastern portion of the country. Downed trees made Saturday's run interesting for me. Anybody else deal with storm aftermath?

Mayo: 36 out of 36 planned miles. Felt really strong all week, but Sunday's heat kept me from getting out for my planned five and got out late Sunday after writing the first draft of this here rundown and seeing a goose egg on Sunday. Very, very positive week.

  • Tuesday 6 miles (8:15 pace). Really nice morning, legs responded well to a bit of pushing.
  • Wednesday: 5 miles (7:54 pace). Another cool morning. Legs felt very strong, so I pushed the last mile and finished up with a 6:45 last mile split.
  • Thursday: 6 miles (8:13 pace). Another strong morning, ran around the Supreme Court before the end-of-session rulings. Saw lots of journos lined up outside the building, which was interesting.
  • Saturday: 14 miles (10:18 pace). Ran the first three with a coworker, then headed onto the C&O Towpath. Friday night's storm knocked down a lot of branches and a few 20+ foot trees onto the trail, making the run more interesting than just a normal jaunt along the river. Lots of fun, felt strong even with the high humidity and heat (80 degrees at 6 am).
  • Sunday: 5 miles (8:27 pace). After writing this roundup I said 'hey man maybe don't be lazy' and went out. 9 PM, 95 degrees, whee.
Next week: 6/5/6/16/5. Big week.