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The Warmup Lap | 7.2.12 - Allyson Felix Wins, Usain Bolt Loses, and About Your IT Band

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The Olympic Track and Field Trials have been going on at Hayward Field. Have you been watching? Because I hope you have, because track and field is awesome. Guys are doing things like this, trying to make it to London:



That's Bershawn "Batman" Jackson, diving to try and make third place in the 400 meter hurdles. Seeing that effort is awesome, and sad when you realize that he just missed the cut, but it's still really awesome.

This weekend brought a close to the Olympic Team Trials, seeing familiar faces come through in some events (Allyson Felix in the 200 meters, Sanya Richards-Ross in the 400 meters) and new faces in others (young runners Matthew Centrowitz and Andrew Wheating qualified in the 1500 meters). Also adding to the intrigue, Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh will be having a sprint-off tonight for the third spot in the women's 100 meters.

You can find SB Nation's complete coverage of the Trials here.

Usain Bolt Loses To Yohan Blake In 100m Final |

Bolt has lots of competition this year: Justin Gatlin looks incredibly strong for the US, and Tyson Gay is quite able as well. But Bolt lost to his Jamaican teammate Yohan Blake in the Jamaican Trials, suggesting that he may have his work cut out for him in London.

Strengthening beats stretching when it comes to this common running injury | The Globe and Mail

I've had to deal with IT band issues in the past, as most of us have (shout-out to foam rollers), so I found this piece in from Alex Hitchenson quite interesting:

The results showed that, despite stretching, the flexibility of the IT band didn’t change. On the other hand, hip strength did increase – and all nine runners were able to resume running pain-free.

A good thing to keep in mind if your IT starts acting up, which it'll probably do at some point because that's what IT bands do.