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Weekly Training Rundown July 16-22

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Sometimes a week of training starts out great, then the temperatures drop and are wonderfully mild -- and then training inexplicably becomes awful. This was one of those weeks.

Mayo: 29 of 40 planned miles. Great start to the week, bookended by a miserable weekend. Legs fought with me all run long on Sunday, never opened up. Frustrating, but it happens.

  • Tuesday: 7 miles (9:25 pace). Stomach issues hit me as soon as I was as far as possible from home. Had to stop three or four times to ensure I didn't make a mess in my trousers.
  • Wednesday: 5 miles (9:05). Legs are starting to perpetually get tired, though in a good way. Pace is suffering because of it. That's OK with me.
  • Friday: 7 miles (8:56). Felt pretty good. Fun route along the Mall, up-river to Georgetown, and then back past the White House. America: all up in my runs.
  • Saturday: 5 miles (8:48). Spent most of the day in a weird mood (it was pissing rain all day in DC and I think that effected me), and didn't feel like doing my long run. Decided to bump it to Sunday, did Sunday's 5 on Saturday.
  • Sunday: 5 miles (11:02). Nice weather, awful result. Legs had no go in them whatsoever, even after a few miles of warming up. Probably the worst run I've had in two years. A supremely frustrating (and hopefully forgettable) run.

Next week: 7/5/7/18/5. May cut back a bit on the long run, as I've struggled as of late with my long runs. Either way, I'll be logging more next week than I did this week.