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The Warmup Lap | 07.09.12 - Getting Chicked-y with it

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Proud to Be Chicked | irunfar

Mike Wolfe, on the Western States and getting passed by Ellie Greenwood:

I know most of the jeering and ribbing by guys (often elites) about “getting chicked” is nothing more than sarcastic tongue-in-cheek humor, with no ill intentions. But, there is a serious undertone: guys truly don’t like to get beaten by women, and there’s a subtle implication in that statement—“getting chicked”—that somehow women are not seen as strong or capable as men, and if a guy is passed by a gal, it’s somehow the guy’s pathetic weakness allowing it, rather than the woman’s strength.

Well, the hell with that.

Great stance on a topic that I've struggled with during training runs (races are so busy that it's hard to focus on getting passed by any individual): getting blown past.

Stress Slows Your Recovery From Workouts | Sweat Science

A look at psychological stress and its effects on physical exertion (and more specifically, recovery).

A Preview of Katcina Mosa 100K Mountain Run | Beyond Fatigue, Pain & ACTN3

What happens when work gets in the way of racing, and picking out an extra race. Race description includes "Then the last half only has about another 4,000 feet of climb." Seems minimally daunting.

More links!

New Balance RC5000 Road Racing Flat: Fit, Feel, and First Run Thoughts | Runblogger

An early look at some new flats from New Balance, which seem to work quite well for Pete -- meaning they're probably worth a look.

NBC, Google Running 'War Games' to Prep Olympics Streaming | News & Opinion |

Do you guys like information about media logistics? No? I figured as much, but if you do maybe click through; this is pretty neat.