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Weekly Training Rundown August 6-12

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The thing about training is you go through shoes a lot faster than when you're not training. Almost have 500 miles in my shoes that I got in May. Meet the new kicks - same as the old kicks.

Mayo: 29 of 35 planned miles. Shortened my long run by one mile, missed Sunday's run. Not the end of the world. Legs are holding up well, and this was a planned short week. Onwards, upwards, etc.

  • Tuesday: 6 miles (8:54 pace). Humid, to the point that running through a sprinkler wasn't refreshing at all.
  • Wednesday: 4 miles (8:26). I remember nothing from this run, if we're being honest. That's not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Thursday: 6 miles (8:39). Humid. Really, really humid.
  • Saturday: 13 miles (10:14). Felt pretty good, though the sun was rather brutal. Temperature was lower than it has been as of late but the air didn't really move. Decent pacing.
  • Sunday: Off. Had a late Saturday night and then a goat cook to attend Sunday afternoon. No running for me.

Next week: 10/5/7/20/5. Big week coming up.