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The Warmup Lap | 8.20.12 - Ryan Hall on the Olympics, Leadville 100, and Strides

Ryan Hall has written about his experience in London on his blog. It's a short piece, but not lacking.

I don't believe there is such a thing as a "bad race" for me, unless the experience fails to inspire, direct, and guide me to my next goal. Running at the very basic level is all about breaking the body down so that it adapts and builds itself stronger for the next challenge.

A few photos from London are also included. It'd be nice to hear more from Hall, but it's clear that the DNF hasn't been easy to accept.

2012 Leadville 100 Results | irunfar

Leadville 100 was this weekend. iRunFar has things covered. Thomas Lorblanchet won the race in his 100-mile debut, covering the 100 mile course in 16:29:28. Tina Lewis won the women's race in 19:33:45.

Why You Get Sick After Long-Haul Flights | Sweat Science

Interesting stuff that effects us when we travel for races -- especially ones far away from home.

What are Strides? | dailymile community blog

Info about a not-so-commonly-understood training technique: strides.

New Balance MT1010 Review