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California International Marathon Fills Up 2 Months Earlier In 2012

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The California International Marathon is now full, having reached capacity on Thursday. Last year, it didn't fill until October 15. The race is slated for December 2. There are still $250 charity entries and some spots for performance-based entries -- you can get in during a window in October if you have a time within five minutes of your age/sex group's Boston qualifier. This window is apparently available for those using CIM specifically as a Boston qualifier who have proven they are close.

Last year, CIM closed open registration on October 1 to allow these folks to get spots. When the race opened registration back up with a few leftover spots, they were immediately scooped up. They won't get there this year.

CIM is a popular Boston qualifier because it's a net downhill (though it does open with some rollers that are not nothing) and it tends to be cool and usually dry. It's run from near the Folsom Dam to downtown Sacramento, with the finish line sitting in front of the state Capitol. The course record is 2:10:27; some 360 of the 5,756 finishers in 2011 went under three hours.