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The Warm Up Lap | 9.10.12 - Lies, Stress, and Kicks

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Is Kip Litton a Marathon Fraud? | The New Yorker

I'd imagine that you guys have read this story already, about a Michigan dentist who has been attempting to run a sub-3:00 marathon in all 50 states. Except it seems as though he's gone through with an incredibly elaborate ruse to 'accomplish' the task. The psychology behind this all is really interesting (also: I am not a psychologist).

My Unexpected Connection to The Kip Litton Marathon Fraud Story | Runblogger

It so happens that Pete over at Runblogger was filming one of the races of Litton's in question, and the lack of visual evidence at Pete's filming locations doesn't verify much, but supports the idea that Litton didn't run the race.

Paul Ryan Has Not Run Sub-3:00 Marathon | Newswire

Speaking of lies, maybe it's not a good idea to lie about your best marathon time when you're under a national microscope. I know my first marathon time to the second, and I know my PR to the minute. I also know my other two marathon times to the minute, along with a couple of half marathons that I've run.

Mental Stress vs. Mental Fatigue | Sweat Science

I found that last part quite interesting: the stressed people "reported greater displeasure" (i.e. moaned more) at the same relative effort level.

This explains both my increased groaning as of late (that, and I'm suddenly super old) and why I've been exhausted: buying a house and then moving into said house is stressful.

Recommended Zero Drop, Barefoot-Style, and Transitional Road and Trail Running Shoes: Runblogger’s Virtual Shoe Wall | Runblogger

Pete talks, we listen.