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Some random thoughts about running when I have almost none

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As of today I've owned a house for exactly two weeks. This, along with workstuffs, has demanded every free ounce of attention that I have been able to muster. I move this weekend, which means that I care none about anything except the move -- so excuse my incoherence; it can't be helped. Here are some thoughts about running that I've been able to muster thoughts about running recently:

Running outside is an absolute delight as of late. One great thing about living on the East Coast while having many friends in the Great Lakes region is the fact that their incessant talk about the weather is a preview of what is to come -- so when I heard that Saturday was a delight and the humidity had broken in Ohio, I got excited for the coming weather. It's been marvelous -- lows in the high 50s, no humidity, and a breeze. Morning runs can actually happen now.

Related to the temperature drop, my pace has improved by something like 45 seconds per mile. Being able to breathe and sweat actually working as a cooling mechanism actually makes a difference.

I'm still unsure about my preparation for my first ultra. We'll see after tomorrow's 24 mile run -- if it goes well I'll feel pretty good. If not, it's going to be 'poop the bed' time. I don't want that to be the case.

About three weeks ago my iPod shuffle went with me through a fountain and ceased to work. I've been running without any music since then and I actually don't miss it, even on long runs.

Anyways, that's what's up with me as of late -- lots of non-running related life things taking up the time that I thought I'd be spending writing about running. At least the running is happening, albeit not as much as I'd like it to be.

Anything cool going on with y'all?