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Weekly Training Rundown Sept 10-16

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Scott Heavey - Getty Images

A day late with this (sorry/Surrey) -- a weekend of moving and no Internet will happen sometimes. The East Coast weather has been a miracle. How's your training going?

39 out of 50 miles. Not bad considering the moving that happened. Not good considering my long run got cut short by 7 miles and I missed one run. A broken record am I.

  • Wednesday: 10 miles (8:48 pace). Great start to the week (though a day late).
  • Thursday: 5 miles (8:50). Beautiful morning. Did the Rocky thing up Abe's steps, which was nice.
  • Friday: 17 miles (10:43). Got going late, ran out of water, and none of the fountains along the Mall were working. Not bad, but could have been much better.
  • Sunday: 7 miles (8:56). First run from the new house, post-Saturday moving. Felt good, man.
This week: 7/5/7/18/10. Must run all of these.