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Weekly Training Rundown Sept 17-23

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Hey, how'd your training go last week? Hop in the comments here and share your success (or frustrations) of another week of running.

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Tweed, boots, and being able to run comfortably. Fall is here, you guys.


46/47 miles. Really, really solid week that ended as well as I could imagine. Need to gravity-assist this weekend into a good couple of weeks.

  • Tuesday: 6.8 miles (8:35 pace). Really digging the early-morning 7 mile route from the new place. God a bug in the throat during the last 200 meters, started dry-heaving in front of a bunch of construction bros, which was unfortunate. Also: humid.
  • Wednesday: 5 miles (8:25). Humidity going away is a wonderful thing.
  • Friday: 7 miles (8:45). Bumped Thursday's run to Friday because sleep in a new house isn't always efficient sleep. Beautiful morning.
  • Saturday: 9 miles (10:40). Felt kind of crappy, got started a bit later than I'd have liked. Cut this one short; in-laws were in town.
  • Sunday: 18 miles (9:08). Couldn't have asked for better conditions. 60 to start, clear skies, and a breeze. Felt strong the whole time, could have done another 6 without issue (aside from being out of water). Exactly the kind of long run I needed, and coming after 7- and 9-mile runs the two previous days is a bonus -- my legs can handle some miles.
This week: 6/4/6/14/10. Slightly down week, which should be appreciated.