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Weekly Training Rundown August 27 - Sept 2

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Sorry everyone -- no warmup lap from me today/yesterday. Really busy weekend. Lots of running though, too.

40 out of 46 planned miles. Closed on our first house on Thursday morning, ran all around DC/MD/VA getting supplies and doing house work all weekend. Cut my long run short, but other than that I felt pretty good.

  • Tuesday: 7 miles (9:12 pace). Smelled bacon a bunch of times on this run, which is the worst.
  • Wednesday: 5 miles (8:29).
  • Friday: 5 miles (9:43). Planned 7, got a bit lazy. Tacked the 2 extra miles on to Sunday's run.
  • Saturday: 16 miles (10:53). Overcast, not too humid. Planned 22 but cut short once I remembered that I had a lot of house work to do and that I got a late start to my run.
  • Sunday: 7 miles (9:45). Pace doesn't matter at this point in the week. The miles do. (this is a thing that I tell myself)

Next week: 6/4/6/14/5. A down week, which will be much needed after going nonstop all weekend.