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2013 race schedule: What are you running?

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What are you running in 2013?

Mike Hewitt

Being January 1 and all, it seems to make sense to put down on digital paper what we all plan to run in 2013. I'll go first.


Lagoon Valley Half in March
This one is essentially on my "home" trails. I don't live terribly close to them, but as I live in the flattest town in California, I have to visit this park to get good trails in. I love it, and Brazen Racing has a good reputation in NorCal. I just hope it's not wet for about a week before the race: cows graze there, and their hoof prints making running on crusted over trails unbearable.

California International Marathon in December
I can't quit this race.


Buffalo Stampede in February
Local run I've wanted to do. Need to get in gear like now to do it.

Diablo Trails Challenge in April
This is an alternate for the next one on the list. An alternate I kinda totally want to do.

Dirty Secret Trail Run in May
I'm nervous about running a race in the Sacramento area in May, but it's hard to resist "secret trails" in infamous Cool, Calif. It's this one or Diablo. We'll see.

IN 2014

Either Way Too Cool 50K or Big Sur. I would be totally thrilled to do either.

IN 2031

Boston. Barring a sex change that drops my qualification standard.