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Weekly Training Rundown, Jan. 21-27

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How'd the past week of training go? Let's talk about it!

Lars Baron

Hi friends! Remember this? Let's that start this up again! The key to Stride Nation, really, is you, the community (more on this later). So let's talk about how this past week of training went. Or maybe how it didn't go? Dealing with an injury? Or laziness? Let's talk about it in the comments!

I'll go first.

  • Wednesday - 1300-yard swim
  • Thursday - 1300-yard swim
  • Friday - 2100-yard swim
  • Saturday - 1500-yard swim, followed by 35 minutes on the indoor bike trainer
  • Sunday - 6.5 mile run in 57:26 (8:50) pace. I ran through the DC Zoo for the first time -- I saw a panda!


And here are some links that I found interesting:

Newton has replaced K-Swiss as as the official footwear and run course sponsor of Ironman triathlons. -- Really interesting to see this. If you're not familiar with Newton, they make running shoes designed for a front-strike, using both a minimal heel drop and peg-like additions to ball of the foot. I've long thought about trying them (maybe this Spring) -- anyone found success with these?

20 Must Follow Running Blogs for 2013 and Beyond -- Stride Nation demands a recount.

Here's a guy racing a subway in Paris: