Running for a woman's cause

Women all across the world are finding unique ways to support the causes that have a special meaning in their lives. Causes that are specific to women, such as breast cancer awareness and domestic violence awareness, are receiving more and more notoriety. A popular way to show support for such a cause is to participate in races like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Even if you cannot be an active participant in one of these races, you may well know someone who is walking or running on their own, with friends or as part of a corporate team. There are many things you can do to support someone who is strapping on their running shoes for a noble cause.

1. Help fundraise for the cause

One of the best ways to show your support is to actively fundraise for a particular cause. Getting out in the community and devoting your time to raising both funds and awareness for the cause allows you to show your support even if you're not walking or running during the event. Charities and nonprofit organizations rely upon the funds that people just like you help raise, whether they're meeting a one-time or annual goal. This money helps pay for research, support, advertising and operational expenses. Fundraising for a friend or loved one’s cause of choice is a terrific way to show you care about their philanthropic and charitable efforts and help your community all at once. Increased awareness about a cause can have a positive impact on your health or that of a loved one as well.

2. Give her new running shoes

Participants in races that raise health awareness are not always avid runners, which means they are unlikely to own a pair of high-quality women's running shoes. Therefore, a thoughtful way to show your support for a friend or family member who is racing could simply be buying her a new pair of shoes. You may even be able to customize these shoes to the cause she is supporting. For example, someone who is running in a breast cancer awareness race like the Komen Race for the Cure might like pink running gear for the race. Buying a pair of running shoes for your friend is a great way to cheer her on. Just be sure to give her the gift about a month in advance of the race so she has time to break the shoes in before the big day.

3. Help prepare for the race

An excellent way to support your friend who is running is to help them prepare for the race. Even participants who are active runners can use help training for an event, especially if the distance is further than they normally run. Becoming a running partner for your friend or loved one that is racing is a terrific way to show that you truly care about both the cause and the person. If you are unable to run, consider being a walking buddy or participating in another toning and strengthening workout, such as lifting weights, a kettleball routine or a yoga class.

Many of today’s women find unique ways to support causes that are important to them every day. Races are an increasingly popular way for women to show their support for a cause in a more hands-on way than a simple donation. These aforementioned ideas are just a few suggestions of several potential ways to show support for a friend and her chosen cause. A little thought and creativity are sure to spark other meaningful ideas, whether you design a t-shirt for her to wear on race day or gift her with a pedicure or massage after she crosses the finish line.

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