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VIDEO: Galen Rupp turns in America's second-fastest indoor mile ever

Galen Rupp tried to set a new American record in the indoor mile at BU's Terrier Invitational over the weekend. And he came oh so close.

The Terrier Invitational was held over the weekend on the campus of Boston University. Sadly, it was not actually a running competition for terrier dogs (guess we'll have to wait for Sunday's Puppy Bowl). But fortunately it was a meet that included Galen Rupp. And better still, it featured Rupp attempting to break the American record for the fastest indoor mile.

Kenya-born Bernard Lagat holds the U.S. record for the indoor mile (one of his many American records), running a 3:49.89 in 2005. And after Saturday, that's still the case. Paced by Stuart Ross and Dorian Ulrey, Rupp turned in a time of 3:50.92, missing the record by just 1.03 seconds.

But Rupp can now lay claim to being the second-fastest American in the indoor mile. And even if you know the result, it doesn't make the above video any less dramatic or exciting.

Video from Flotrack, via House of Run