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Adventures in pancake making with Wallace Spearmon, Jr.

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Wallace Spearmon, Jr. will not be winning any gold medals in pancake making.

Stu Forster

Wallace Spearmon, Jr. is a world-class sprinter, having twice won the NCAA outdoor 200m while at Arkansas. More recently, he finished fourth in the men's 200m at the 2012 Summer Olympics, finishing just 0.58 seconds behind winner Usain Bolt, and narrowly missing the medal stand by just 0.06 seconds. And on Thursday, he tried to make pancakes.


Seems like a good start! He opted for Aunt Jemima's Buttermilk Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix which means that -- literally -- all he has to do is add water. Alas.

Uh oh.


That's ... I mean, that's not terrible.


Probably wanted to put more "stuff" in the skillet. Wonder if knew that Aunt Jemima's site has a whole bunch of tips!

"zoo dirt"

Wait, was this an elaborate PR stunt for Waffle House? Also, if he wanted pancakes, shouldn't IHOP be the destination?

Ah, well -- get 'em next time, Wallace!

h/t @HouseofRun