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VIDEO: 2013 Kona Underpants Run

Thursday before the Ironman World Championship means just one thing -- the Kona Underpants Run!

The Thursday before the Ironman World Championship means one thing:The Kona Underpants Run. The 2013 edition -- the 16th running of the undergarments parade -- covered the traditional 1+ mile along Kailua Bay, but only after participants recited the Oath:

"I [state your name] solemnly swear that I will resist the temptation to wear the evil garment known commonly as togs, scungies, bun huggers, sluggos, plum smugglers, banana hammocks, crack splitters, butt floss, Speedos, etc., outside of swimming or racing. I further promise to uphold the sanctity of the locals' home of which I am a guest by frequenting public places in proper attire, obeying traffic laws, and being courteous at all times.This I pledge as an Ironman veteran, first timer, or wannabe."

The run started simply as triathletes making fun of each other, but now it's for an even better cause -- raising money for local charities.

Here's a collection of some of the photo galleries from around the web:

And here's my photo gallery from the 2012 Kona Underpants Run

Video via's Dave Erickson. Follow him at @IMDaveErickson