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Boogie Butts, the half-marathon running dog, has died

Everyone's favorite half-marathon running dog has passed away.

Boogie Butts, with his finisher's medal
Boogie Butts, with his finisher's medal

Well, here's just about the saddest news ever: Boogie Butts, the eight-year-old chocolate Lab that ran away from home and then completed a half marathon, has died.

The family announced the passing of Boogie on the dog's Facebook page on Wednesday.

The family is welcoming donations to the Vanderburgh Humane Society in the dog's memory.

Boogie gained national attention when he slipped out of his leash and found his way into the YMCA Half Marathon in Evansville, Indiana, on Oct. 5. He covered most of the 13.1-mile course and finished in a time of 2:15. Boogie was originally taken into custody by Animal Control, which is where his owner, Jerry Butts, found him -- and then learned of his dog's Internet celebrity.

Boogie Butts, who beat more than 1,100 registered human runners, received his finisher's medal in a special ceremony the Monday following the race.

RIP, Boogie Butts.