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VIDEO: Macca makes his Ironman World Championship picks

Although he's not racing on Saturday, Macca is in Kona, and offering his picks for the men's race in the Ironman World Championship.

Chris McCormack, a two-time Ironman World Champion known simply as "Macca," is widely considered one of the best triathletes ever to come along in the sport (he was also an ITU world champion in 1997). Unfortunately Macca won't be racing in Saturday's event, forced out just a few weeks ago because of mononucleosis. But he's still in Kona for race week, and as one of the biggest fans of the sport, who better than Macca for some predictions?

McCormack starts his three picks with a safe option -- defending champion Pete Jacobs (Australia). Jacobs, a strong runner, won the Ironman World Championship in 2012 after finishing 2nd, 8th and 8th the years prior.

Germany's Sebastian Kienle, who can absolutely fly on the bike, is Macca's next pick. He has won the 70.3 World Championship the past two years, and just missed the podium in Kona with a fourth-place finish in 2012 (and that was with a flat tire).

Frederik Van Lierde rounds out Macca's trio of men to watch at Saturday's race. The Belgian was third last year, his best finish ever in Kona. Finally, Macca tabs Andreas Raelert as his dark horse candidate.

via Triathlete Magazine