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Distance Running Pioneer Ted Corbitt

Ted Corbitt was inducted into the Black Distance Runners Hall of Fame this month. If you've never heard of this amazing man, it's about time you did.

Earlier this month, the Black Distance Runners Hall of Fame posthumously inducted its inaugural Hall of Fame class which included Ted Corbitt. If you don't know about this amazing man, you might want to read his bio on that organization's website. Among the highlights:

In 1952, Corbitt represented the US in the marathon becoming the first African-American to represent the country in the games. He won the US Marathon Championship two years later being the first black runner to achieve that milestone as well. Corbitt was also an early ultramarathoner setting a host of records, several of which still stand.

Corbitt was also a force in organizing the sport of distance running. He helped form the Road Runners Club of America and New York Road Runners (serving as the first president of the latter). He pushed for standardization of course measurement and was a pioneer in the field of physical therapy.

He is a member of the National Distance Running Hall of Fame, the American Ultra Running Hall of Fame and the New York Road Runners Hall of Fame. Three years before his death in 2007 Corbitt completed a 24-hour race by walking 68 miles at the age of 84.