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Toyota's LifeTime Fitness RAV4, a triathlete's dream SUV

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Toyota has teamed up with pro athletes to create the triathlete's dream car.

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LifeTime Fitness RAV4
LifeTime Fitness RAV4

Still looking for that last-minute gift for the triathlete in your family? Might we suggest an SUV that comes equipped with a bike rack, spin dryer, refrigerator and even a shower.

The LifeTime Fitness RAV4 from Toyota is the result of the fitness company teaming up with pro triathletes Andy Potts, Hunter Kemper and Sarah Haskins to create the "ultimate sports sidekick." It was originally unveiled at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas (Nov. 5-8), and it quickly showed off some of its amazing features:

... a hot water shower with a 5-gallon fresh water tank, a spin dryer and gear storage compartments in the rear cargo area. While the wetsuit drips into the drain, the athlete can enjoy a shiatsu massage in the front seat while reviewing race statistics and tracking data through the integrated iPad®.

The relaxation doesn't end with the massage. In the rear seat, a refrigerator holds water and recovery drinks near the Blendtec® blender and cupboard full of snacks. A wireless Bluetooth® speaker allows music to move with an athlete around the vehicle. A custom roof rack keeps two bikes secure, yet easily accessible.

And maybe the best part: everything from the spin dryer to the laundry is designed to eliminate that post-race stink.


The RAV4 unfortunately is not actually for sale at your local dealership -- it will support Toyota-sponsored athletes at select events throughout the triathlon season.

Video via Chris Woodyard at USA Today

Images via Toyota