My week with my new Asics

Each time I try out a new pair of running shoes, I feel a mixture of childlike excitement when I bring them home. My week with Asics GT 2170 was no different. Even though I'm excited to show off my new shoes, I try to be as objective as possible when assessing the shoes, making sure I don’t carry any baggage from former running shoes, good or bad.

I typically run 40-45 miles per week, with most miles on the road versus the treadmill, and need I light stability and cushioning. The Asics GT 2170’s previous iterations have provided those criteria and I was hopeful that this latest version would offer the same quality and comfort. I tried these out in a few different conditions, including the road, during a light rain and on the treadmill. They held up fine under each condition without becoming uncomfortable in the rain.

At a glance

Aesthetically, the 2170 shares the same appearance as its previous versions. I chose the white-and-yellow design but also considered the charcoal-and-lime shoe. Even though I enjoy wearing attractive footwear, I'm more focused on comfort, quality and performance than whether they match anything else I’m wearing.

One easy detail to note, as is usually the case with Asics, is that the shoes offer high-caliber cushioning to absorb the pounding I take on the road during each run. Distance runners like me can use the extra padding, given the number of miles we put on the books each week.

Asics has pulled out on the stops on cushioning with the 2170. Between the use of various and liberal uses of gel and foam, running has never felt gentler on my feet, knees and hips. While I haven’t had issues in those areas in the past, this shoe gives me a whole new dimension of comfort. The heel is all at once plush, strong and supportive. I never felt unsteady or as if I may lose my footing because of the cushioning.

The forefoot is no exception. As a someone who has issues with metatarsalgia, the extra cushioning is a welcome relief and saves me from having to add as much additional foot padding to aid the balls of my feet. Again, the comfort doesn’t undermine the stability. Runners everywhere will agree that a pain-free jog is a huge bonus when hitting the trail.

Stable on the road

Another cornerstone of this shoe line is the stability it features with each new release and the 2170 is no different. For anyone who needs some support, keep that in its cache of characteristics. With the ever-improving cushioning and solid footing this shoe offers, it's ideal for runners with a variety of challenges such as excess weight and underpronation.

The Asics GT 2170 offers great comfort and is best suited for easy recovery running days rather than speed sessions. The classic look works well with the variety of running gear I own (something my dear spouse teases me about endlessly) and also works well if I want to wear them on the way to the gym. I'm running in a 10K later this month and plan to try them out. They've performed well during my daily training runs and I'm excited to see how they feel when I'm running the race course and naturally running a little faster. (I might be a little competitive.) Overall, I've been really happy with they way they perform, whether I'm on the treadmill or running through my neighborhood. I plan to keep them in rotation and look forward to trying some other color choices... and not just because it means having to buy some more running shorts.

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