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Weekly Training Rundown, Feb. 18-24

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How'd the past week go for your training? Let's talk about it.

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Over seven hours of training for me this week, capped off by a 2-hour bike ride (with a 15-minute brick run), a swim clinic and eight miles of running in about a 20-hour period. Sunday's afternoon beers, pizza and nap was well-earned, I say.

  • Monday: 1600-yard swim
  • Tuesday: 50 minutes on the bike trainer, followed by a quick 10-minute brick run
  • Wednesday: 6-mile run (8:17 pace)
  • Thursday: 45-minutes on the bike trainer -- one-legged drills (ouch)
  • Friday: 1900-yard swim
  • Saturday: 2-hours on the bike trainers, followed by a quick 15-minute brick run
  • Sunday: Swim clinic (spent about an hour in the pool ... probably swam an easy 1300 yards or so), followed by a 70-minute run (8 miles; 8:44 pace ... had to do a little bit of walking).

Weekly Totals: 3500 yards swimming, 3:35 hours cycling, 17.24 miles running

Year to Date: 21,834 yards swimming, 13:50 hours cycling, 84.78 miles running

Looking ahead: This week is a recovery week on my plan, so just about four hours of training scheduled, including the rare day off.


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