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Mo Farah asked 'Haven't you run before?'

After winning the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon, a local news anchor asks Mo Farah if he's run before.

"Now haven't you run before?"

" ... Sorry?"

"Haven't you run before? This isn't your first time."

"No, it's not my first time."

Quite the understatement.

That's the exchange between Mo Farah and WDSU news anchor LaTonya Norton on Sunday morning, shortly after Farah won the out-sprinted Gebre Gebremariam to win the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in a course record time of 1:00:59.

Norton seems to be under the assumption that this Mo Farah fella is a weekend-warrior and not, ya know, the Mo Farah that won gold in both the 5,000 and 10,000 at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

"What does it take to prepare for a marathon like this?"

Kudos again to Farah here, for deftly side-stepping the uninformed question -- since he just finished a half-marathon and not a full 26.2 -- with a polite answer.

"You're certainly off to a great start!"

Good luck on your running career, Mo!

h/t Deadspin