4 Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Steal Your Runner's Heart


On the most romantic holiday of the year, the best way to show your special someone you really care is by getting him or her a gift that's customized to their unique personality. If your Valentine's Day date is an avid runner, you can choose from tons of great gift ideas and get them that special something you know they'll absolutely love. With winter weather considerations in mind, here are the top four gifts to give to your running enthusiast.

1. New running shoes

Avid runners go through shoes quickly. A new pair is almost always needed either to replace an old one or to have a variety to choose from for different tracks and terrains. Saucony running shoes are always a high-quality choice for a secure fit, maximum comfort and an advanced design aimed at fostering better performance. A variety of styles gives you the opportunity to choose your lover's favorite colors for a completely personalized look.

2. Marathon registry

Not all gifts have to be tangible. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology reported individuals who purchase experiences as opposed to material items tend to be happier. With the high price of marathons, paying your loved one's way to one of these endurance-testing events will give them the opportunity to show off their dedication to the sport. Marathons are fun events that bring runners of all different skill levels together for a challenging, entertaining and exciting experience.

3. Inspirational books

If your significant other is having a hard time finding the motivation to keep up with the difficulty of running regularly, perhaps they just need a little inspiration from some of the pros who have endured similar struggles. Some highly recommended titles include Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, Run to Overcome by Meb Keflezighi, The Long Run by Matt Long and Duel in the Sun by John Brant. Look for storylines you think your significant other can most identify with for a more personalized selection.

4. Winter running gear

Just because the weather is a bit chillier doesn't mean your partner has to give up their favorite hobby. Winter running gear is an excellent gift for staying warm and comfortable while running during this cold season. A moisture-wicking merino wool baselayer is perfect for retaining heat and staying dry without adding bulk to a runner's outfit, while a lined wind and water-resistant shell coat is ideal for keeping the elements at bay during all outdoor activities.

Flowers and chocolate can be a nice, classic Valentine's Day gift, but choosing a special gift based on your sweetheart's unique interests is one way you can take your present a step above the obvious choices. These four gifts are sure to be a hit with running enthusiasts, while adding your own personal touch to this holiday. For an extra special treat, why not support your partner by joining them on a few runs yourself?

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