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Weekly Training Rundown, March 4-10

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How'd the past week go for your training? Let's talk about it.

Gareth Gay

Week 5 of my REV3 Williamsburg half Ironman training was my longest yet. And based solely on how my legs feel today, it was also my hardest week of training yet.

As with most plans, the bulk of my week was done on the weekend, with both a long run and long ride planned. I swapped the two workouts, however, and did the run Saturday and saved the bike for Sunday, and the warmer weather. I was actually able to bike outdoors -- first time doing so in two months.

The biggest difference I've noticed in having a training plan is, well, having a plan. And having detailed workouts. Years past, I would've gone out Sunday and rode for two hours after a warm up, without mixing it up too much. But with a plan comes a warm up, spin ups and tempo work, all done in the same two hours. The structure and variance is very welcomed. And is going a long way is making me feel prepared for the race (although it is still early, I realize).

  • Monday: 1700-yard swim
  • Tuesday: 50-minute tempo ride indoors
  • Wednesday: 40-minute run, with 10-minute tempo and hill repeats
  • Thursday: 40-minute easy bike ride indoors
  • Friday: 1900-yard swim
  • Saturday: 80-minute run (9.4 miles) with a 20-minute tempo
  • Sunday: 2:15 bike ride (39 miles), followed immediately by a 10-minute brick run


Weekly Totals: 3,600 yards swimming, 3:45 cycling, 15.2 miles running

Year-to-Date: 28,234 yards swimming, 19:30 hours biking, 107.82 miles running

Looking Ahead: More of the same, with slightly longer increases in the tempo sections and long weekend workouts.


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