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Lisa and Sally #RunFor each other

At 25, Sally’s husband passed away from an aggressive form of cancer. Grief and depression left her incapacitated. Until she met Lisa. Until she met running.

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"For me, running is definitely therapeutic."

This is the story of Sally and Lisa, two people who started just as co-workers, but later become friends, brought together by running.

"She's my friend, and I love her. And I love that she loves running," says Lisa.

Lisa encouraged Sally to start running -- literally just one mile at a time -- after Lisa lost her husband shortly after they were married, and quickly found herself paralyzed by depression. Over time, that mile became two miles, and then three, and then eventually, a sub-five hour marathon.

"I'm becoming more and more 'Sally the Runner,' rather than 'Sally the Widow.'"

"We run for each other. We run for friendship."


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