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VIDEO: Guor Marial, the 'Runner Without a Country'

Guor Marial went from one Lost Boys of Sudan to running in the 2012 Summer Games as an Independent Athlete and now he wants to become the first ever to represent South Sudan in the Olympics. And a filmaker wants to tell his story.

You probably already know Guor Marial, even if you don't know him. You might not know his name, but you probably recall him as one of the Independent Olympic Athletes last summer in London.

As one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Marial quite literally began his career by out-running his captors. And although he said he would never run again after his escape, there he was in London, participating in the Olympic Marathon (he finished in 47th place), running without a country (he refused to run under the Sudanese flag).

Now, he is aiming to become the first athlete ever to represent South Sudan, at the 2016 Games in Rio, and Bill Gallagher, a Spain-based filmmaker, wants to tell his story in a new documentary, "Runner Without a Country."

The documentary, slated to be released in early 2014 will feature Marial's life journey - from his childhood in civil war-torn Sudan and escape from a refugee camp to Marial's settling in the United States where he is now a rising star on the marathon circuit.

"The only running Guor took part in as a child was running to get away from danger caused by the war," says Bill Gallagher, director of the film. "He is running to give the children of South Sudan - and refugees everywhere - hope. His life has been and continues to be one of perseverance and triumph over adversity."

On Tuesday morning, Gallagher launched a Kickstarter to help get "enough footage to get to the next phase of the project," and to hopefully film at the Boston Marathon in April, where Marial is set to participate as one of the elite runners.

This is a critical moment in Guor's story - and in the history of South Sudanese athletics. If we don't capture this on camera, we will miss a great opportunity.

You can read more about Marial and Gallagher's project at and the Kickstarter page.