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Asmeret chooses to #RunFor her family

Asmeret Berhe, a mother of two whose day begins before the world is awake, runs for her family. Every runner has a reason. What's yours?

"I run for my family."

DICK'S Sporting Goods' #RunFor series continues this week with the story of Asmeret Berhe, a mother of two whose day begins long before the sun has even started to think about breaking light on a new day.

"I usually wake up around 3, 3:30, and go out for a run. ... I never run with music, just hear the heart beat.

It's meditation, mentally and physically."

Berhe, who began running simply as a way to get in shape after the birth of her first daughter, has qualified for Boston with her 3:33 time in the Chicago Marathon, and is now setting her sights on the challenge of a triathlon.

For Berhe, running has always been goal-oriented.

"If I'm going to be running, I have to have some kind of goal -- might as well do a marathon, or two. And I was going to dedicate each to one of my daughters."

"I have my own goals, and I constantly try to better myself."


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